Main Products

1. jvx-dsp

DSP Core library (Ansi-C) for typical signal processing algorithms

  • Maximum performance and flexibility
  • Minimum complexity/memory footprint
  • Minimal runtime-library dependencies
  • Platform specific optimizaion for, e.g. ARM Cortex M4, Ti C674x, Kalimba/CSR8670 and more


  • Fixed/adaptive resamplers
  • Digital filters
  • Signal transforms
  • maths
  • Signal processing frameworks (e.g., overlap-add frequencey domain filtering)

2. jvx-rt

Full feature development to create signal processing applications

  • Define and connect objects
  • Realize sophisticated data flow signal processing chains
  • Run complex process sequences based on the programmable sequencer
  • C/C++ API with common flexible component API
  • Implementations of audio/video technologies available
  • Open (C++) interfaces to integrate new components with minimum programming effort
  • Host program implementation to embed core system in various applicatons, e.g. Matlab, Qt, and (intractive) console
  • Extension of components by defining and compiling property definitions



3. jvx-algorithms

DSP libraries (Ansi-C) for audio processing

  • jvx-aec: Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • jvx-nr: Single Channel Noise Reduction
  • jvx-mbc: Multiband Compressor/ Automatic Gain Control
  • jvx-spatial: Different variants of algorithms for spatal filtering
  • jvx-nele: Algorithm to improve listener intelligibility in public announcement systems
  • jvx-us: Ultrasonic Sensing (up to f=90 kHz)

4. jvx-embedded

Software Environment for IOT/embedded signal processing applications

  • jav-os: small footprint Yocto based Linux distribution
  • jav-web: Web console based host for (jvx-rt)
  • jvx-ctrl: Web based remote control for jav-web applications
    • Synchronous REST-API based on HTTP GET/POST/PUT
    • Beyond Rest System Control via HTTP
    • Protocol for data visualization
    • Websockets for asynchronous Communication


Realization of signal processing applications (involving jvx-rt, jvx-rt-embedded, jvx-dsp, jvx-os)

Algorithm development

Application development (C/C++, Qt, Windows, Linux, Mac OSx, iOS)

Linux driver development