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Communication and Data Processing
Since 2012

Javox Solutions GmbH was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from the RWTH Aachen University with its headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

It was founded originally to convert the research results of the Institute of Communication Systems (IKS) into components of real-world applications to create permanent economic values.

Binauric Boom Boom

Binauric Boom Boom is a wireless bluetooth speaker which supports capturing of binaural audio content. Javox developed the cable-mode audio stack including audio signal processing algorithms such as, e.g. beamformer, acoustic echo control and many other algorithms – all running on a CSR Kalimba 8670 DSP.


In the WHISTLE project novel approaches for sensors involving ultrasonic micro whistles in a smart home environment for ambient assisted living (AAL) were developed. The role of Javox Solutions in this project was the development of the sensor functionality to detect and report the sound emitted by the micro whistles. For this purpose digital MEMs microphones are operated at a sampling frequency of 192 kHz to allow the detection of sounds with a frequency of up to approx. 90 kHz. An algorithm to detect the different whistles was developed which can be adapted to the respective environment by a learning mechanism accepting sequences of sound emission events.

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